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US-8621004-B2: Method and system for transfer of calls from an IP based phone patent, US-8710831-B2: Rotation angle detecting device patent, US-8721069-B2: Printing method and printer patent, US-8750895-B2: Monitoring a geofence using wireless access points patent, US-8771858-B2: Cooling device for a battery module patent, US-8772871-B2: Partially depleted dielectric resurf LDMOS patent, US-8779693-B1: Systems, methods, and devices for providing thermal protection to an LED module patent, US-8786015-B2: Super-junction semiconductor device patent, US-8799337-B2: System reset and system restore patent, US-8801459-B2: Circuit board coaxial connector patent, US-8806504-B2: Leveraging performance of resource aggressive applications patent, US-8818275-B2: Enhancing vehicle infotainment systems by adding remote sensors from a portable device patent, US-8822724-B2: Method for producing carboxylic acid amide patent, US-8881618-B2: Adjustable steering column lock patent, US-8890308-B2: Integrated circuit package and method of forming the same patent, US-8908356-B2: Electrical cabinet patent, US-8910231-B2: System and method for configuring media services patent, US-8921186-B2: Semiconductor device and method of forming high voltage SOI lateral double diffused MOSFET with shallow trench insulator patent, US-8950231-B2: Support for a grain bin floor and method of making the same patent, US-8958832-B2: System and method for filtering long short message patent, US-9003016-B2: Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program patent, US-9043095-B2: User programmable motor vehicle driving parameter control system patent, US-9096580-B2: Benzofuran derivatives for the treatment of hepatitis C patent, US-9106907-B2: Stereoscopic display device and driving method thereof patent, US-9112890-B1: Distributed storage over shared multi-queued storage device patent, US-9141043-B2: Transport device, fixing device, and image forming apparatus patent, US-9161132-B2: Audio processing apparatus with selection to and from multi-room mode patent, US-9195945-B2: Inferring attribute and item preferences patent, US-9197045-B2: Busway joint structural support assemblies and related systems patent, US-9211984-B2: Dispensing cap for beverage container patent, US-9230701-B2: Collimator and CT equipment comprising the same patent, US-9234699-B2: Garment band patent, US-9243522-B2: Valve timing controller patent, US-9258791-B2: Method and device of performing multi-radio access bearer power scaling patent, US-9292525-B2: Searching data using pre-prepared search data patent, US-9309792-B2: System and method for controlling pump performance in a transmission patent, US-9316983-B2: Image forming apparatus including first detection sensor and second detection sensor for detecting density detection pattern patent, US-9325785-B2: Device, system, and method for client-governed session persistency between one or more clients and servers of a data center patent, US-9350562-B2: Energy management control system and method based on cloud computing patent, US-9360675-B2: Optical phase space combiner patent, US-9423985-B2: Managing web applications on multi-function peripherals patent, US-9427452-B2: Method for preparing fermentation broth of fruits and vegetables patent, US-9456543-B2: Precision super seeder patent, US-9461751-B2: Frequency domain multiplex optical transmission patent, US-9496096-B2: Capacitor patent, US-9500550-B2: System, method and application for estimating pneumatic pressure state of vehicle tires using a handheld device patent, US-9502794-B2: Field-replaceable terminal block divider patent, US-9511837-B1: Device for propelling a vessel patent, US-9539736-B2: Mechanical method for producing micro- or nano-scale textures patent, US-9547194-B2: Liquid crystal display apparatus patent, US-9598019-B2: Variable deflector apparatus for side step of vehicle patent, US-9604384-B2: Method for manufacturing a weakening structure in a decor layer of an airbag cover, and decor layer with a weakening structure of an airbag cover patent, US-9633956-B2: RF switch on high resistive substrate patent, US-9644953-B2: Method and apparatus for aligning components of integrated optical sensors patent, US-9658141-B2: Station for the selective uncapping of gel cards patent, US-9673472-B2: Redox desalination system for clean water production and energy storage patent, US-9676992-B2: Control of resin curing patent, US-9685683-B2: Power storage apparatus patent, US-9696556-B2: 2D and 3D image switchable display device and lenticular lens element patent, US-9698102-B2: Power and ground routing of integrated circuit devices with improved IR drop and chip performance patent, US-9699815-B2: Systems and methods for automatic wireless coupling patent, US-9707462-B2: Lower leg sensing device and method of providing data therefrom patent, US-9712311-B2: Method and apparatus of mapping one or more messages onto transmission resource patent, US-9718919-B2: Radically polymerizable polyether, method for producing said radically polymerizable polyether, polymerizable composition comprising said radically polymerizable polyether and radically polymerizable vinyl monomer, and copolymer, molded article and film each formed by radical polymerization of said polymerizable composition patent, US-9767043-B2: Enhancing lifetime of non-volatile cache by reducing intra-block write variation patent, US-9800397-B2: Tower mounted amplifier and filter thereof patent, US-9818866-B2: Junction FET semiconductor device with dummy mask structures for improved dimension control and method for forming the same patent, US-9819847-B1: Uniform lighting of surfaces for visual inspection patent, US-9835524-B2: Method for segmenting the surface of a tyre and apparatus operating according to said method patent, US-9837113-B2: Spindle motor and disk drive apparatus patent, US-9850904-B2: Scroll compressor patent, US-9868172-B2: Arc welding with waveform control function patent, US-9882470-B2: Voltage generators and systems patent, US-9887441-B2: Secondary cell patent, US-D381311-S: Vehicle top with luggage carrier siderails patent, US-D738254-S: Diamond cut patent, US-D776546-S: Package for a feminine hygiene product patent, US-D781680-S: Deadbolt for door assembly patent, US-D801671-S: Shoe upper patent, US-RE32319-E: Vitreous carbon and process for preparation thereof patent, US-RE32825-E: Process for the electrochemical reductive bleaching of lignocellulosic pulp patent, US-8552260-B2: Soybean cultivar S090086 patent, US-8567978-B2: Backlight module having a light guide plate and a heat dissipation frame and display apparatus having the same patent, US-8570345-B2: Image display device patent, US-8582292-B1: Integrated ventilation system for electronic equipment patent, US-8591149-B2: Secured fusegate for flood control patent, US-8592891-B1: Methods for fabricating semiconductor memory with process induced strain patent, US-8594367-B2: Image processing apparatus, image forming apparatus, recording medium and image processing method patent, US-8599662-B2: Reproducing device and reproducing method patent, US-8606073-B2: Broadcast management system patent, US-8647448-B2: Nitratable steel piston rings and steel cylindrical sleeves, and casting method for the production thereof patent, US-8690295-B2: Fluid nozzle array patent, US-8692924-B2: Image sensing and development processing apparatus and control method thereof patent, US-8725381-B2: Slip detection apparatus and slip detection method patent, US-8730141-B2: Display pixel structure, liquid crystal panel, liquid crystal display device and driving method patent, US-8749304-B2: Circuit arrangement for a redundant power supply for a power amplifier patent, US-8762369-B2: Optimized data stream management system patent, US-8775929-B2: Information processing apparatus computer readable medium, and information processing method for maintaining consistency between stored target document information and a formed image patent, US-8818107-B2: Identification generation and authentication process application patent, US-8834935-B2: Bone graft and biocomposite for prosthetic dentistry patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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